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Over the Mountain (Part 1 of 7): Visiting Jolon

by Steve Reiss (Dalmdad Landscape Photography - and

From Steve Reiss, Travel Guide to Inland Monterey County, CA (2008), page 35:
Jolon and the San Antonio River Valley were critical to developing Monterey County
Jolon Road, once part of the original El Camino Real, was a major thoroughfare when the San Antonio River valley held most of Monterey County’s inland population. 

Jolon’s decline began in 1886 when railroad construction continued south down the Salinas Valley, beyond King City.  Jolon’s importance further declined in 1918, when the portion of the El Camino Real passing through Jolon was rerouted through the Salinas Valley and built up into the four-lane US101

Describing Jolon today as a “town” is somewhat generous because part of Jolon burned to the ground in 1929 and another portion of Jolon was demolished by the Army in the 1940’s.  All that remains of Jolon are:  St. Luke's Church, the abandoned Tidball Store, and the ruins of the Dutton Hotel.

Building US101 through the Salinas River Valley ended the traditional custom of routing travelers through commercial centers and towards businesses.  While US101 bypassed only the commercial areas of Bradley and San Ardo, Jolon was completely bypassed.
Juxtaposing what was, with what remains...

Page 37, from Travel Guide To Inland Monterey County, CA

Windmill seen in historical picture next to Tidball Store - still stands

Historical Marker for Dutton Hotel
Entrance to Rancho Jolon

Preparing for Halloween (October 2007)

Vinyards near Jolon (October 2007)

Old bus stop shelter on Jolon Road

Looking out the window, from inside the bus shelter
árbol muy verde

Jolon Road crossing creek near junction with US101 south of King City, CA.


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