Saturday, January 4, 2014

Seeing Dolphins...Lots of Dolphins, Off Newport, California

by Steve Reiss (Dalmdad Landscape Photography - and

I mentioned that back on December 22, 2013 we were going whale watching off of Newport.  We did not have high expectations for actually seeing whales, but it would be a gorgeous day out on the bay and at least an opportunity for me and Joanie to spend some time together.

A sign outside the office of the Davey Jone's Whale Watching Company mentioned having seen thousands of dolphins in the last few days.  I took that as some overly bragging false advertising.  How can you see, yet count, thousands, of dolphins?  It just seemed like a ridiculous claim.  

So, we waited with the other passengers for the boat to pick us up and leave.

First, we passed the holiday decorations in the harbor, 

Then we passed a lazy sea lion hanging out on the dock.

Then we passed some fisherman hanging out on the end of the jetty.

Finally, a throng of sea lions taking in the sun.

We then entered the open sea and just could not believe all the white caps, which were not waves; they were dolphins blowing their holes and flipping and jumping.  For as far as you can see and in all directions.  They were so spread out, my telephoto lens could not properly give an impression of the size of the pod.

As an example, here are two shots of separate dolphin families, aka pods.  I previously posted these two pictures to Face Book.

 We are now glad to add those two shots and around 10 more to our web store.



Anne Leah said...

That's really cute. And a real dolphin would really be very be a fascinating sight to see too. It would be perfect to dolphins oban watching in Scotland for that case.

Dalmdad (Steve Reiss) said...

Hi Anne, thanks for stopping by and commenting on our blog!