Saturday, January 11, 2014

Sail Boat Christening: Rockland, Maine

by Steve Reiss (Dalmdad Landscape Photography - and

I doubt many (I don't say 'all') of our readers has attended the christening of a boat.  Yes, sounds like something that would be neat to attend, even if it also sounds kind of high-brow and snobbish.  However, given the choice between attending the boat christening or some other activity, it in not likely that the christening will be the higher priority (well, maybe if your other activity is a trip to the dentist!).

Anyway, best I can recall, it was sometime in June, 2001, that Joanie and I were able to convert part of a dull business trip to Manchester, New Hampshire, into an exciting weekend at Boothbay Harbor, Maine.   For me, this trip to Maine was a re-living of my early '86-'87 trip to Bowdoin College,in Brunswick, Freeport, and ultimately Boothbay Harbor, Maine with my then sophomore class RPI-roommate, Chris Sadala.


During this 2001 trip. we drove as for north as Rockland Maine, where we roamed around the Journey's End Marina.

RFP = Rockland Fire & Police

On Land Marina
These two lonely pictures, conveniently taken at just the very moment (did the boat owner see us spying him and pose?) the champagne bottle was smashed on the hull bow, document the christening of this sail boat in the parking lot of a the Journey's End Marina.

After more than 10 years of these photos being confined to the archives of a lonely back-up hard-drive and having never being seen, they make their debut now.

Rockland is also known for sculptures.

Finally, our last stop was the Maine state prison showroom in Thomaston, Maine

There we purchased an incredibly well made cutting board that we still regularly use.


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Chris S. said...

I believe we stopped at Bates College, where my friend Paul was a student.