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Doe a Deer...A Tourist Loving Yosemite Deer

by Steve Reiss (Dalmdad Landscape Photography - and

October 3, 2013, Yosemite National Park: Though the park was officially closed, traffic on the major roads of Yosemite (CA120, CA140, CA41) were open to through traffic. As I mentioned on Facebook:

I was given the following rules to travel by:

In any event, despite the shutdown of Yosemite, the animals of the park seemed to go along with their normal business.  

For example, this buck was spotted outside the Wawona Hotel, almost immediately north of Yosemite's south entrance on CA41.

Buck Outside Wawona Hotel

After traveling north and zooming by the nominally closed Tunnel View, the premier viewing site of the Yosemite Valley, a slow moving southbound car told me something was nearby.  Indeed, this beautiful doe was on the side of the road, basically just looking around. 

I continued north until I could make a U-turn; a not easy task along the winding and often shoulderless Wawona Road.

After making the U-turn, I coasted uphill, until I was near the doe.  Most luckily, the doe was in the area of a pull-out and I was able to pull over, put the truck in park, and shoot away.

I managed to get a near-perfect shot.

They Don't Pose This Nice That Often

This doe must be quite experienced in the way of tourists.  She unflinchingly approached the truck, looked in the open window, and then ducked down.

Doe Ducking Down -- Picture out Truck Window

After some quick shots, she headed downhill towards the drop to the valley.

Down Into The Valley I Go

The Doe Went Off into the Beautiful Valley

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