Monday, May 13, 2013

"The Lizzies" and the Lizards

by Steve Reiss (Dalmdad Landscape Photography - and

If you grew up in NYC during the late 70's-early 80's, you most likely remember the movie the Warriors.  With its awesome nightime and daytime shots of the Coney Island Wonderwheel and extensive action playing out through the NYC's subways, it showed the violance of that era of NYC history in a new way and using fresh rememorable language.

And, then....there were the Lizzies (from the script):

[Scene cuts to Cochise, Rembrandt and Vermin outside The Lizzies flat]

Cochise – Is this the place? Hey, I hate asking questions but where’s your dudes? Chicks like you always got dudes around?

Lizzie – They took the night off, went up to The Bronx. Don’t worry about them. They’re lame. Real cripples.

Lizzie – Come on.

Vermin – When I got off that subway, and I saw you, I thought oh baby, throw it my way. I mean it’s really great of you chicks taking us in like this.

Lizzie – We know about The Warriors, they’re a heavy outfit. Sure we know about you guys.

Vermin – How’d you hear about us?

Lizzie – You know how it is, word gets around.

Vermin – Well yeah I guess we are pretty well-known.

Lizzie – Uhuh, come on.

Of course, it turns out the Lizzies are just as much trying to take down the Warriors as any of the macho mens' gangs, such as the Gramercy Riffs, Baseball Furies, Orphans, the Punks, and those diabolically funny, Rogues ("Warriors come out and plaaay.").

Again, from the script:

[Cuts back to The Lizzies flat.... Various Lizzies are dancing and are enjoying themselves whilst Vermin and Cochise are kissing with their Lizzies. Rembrandt is walking around]
Lizzie – Hey little man, you wanna dance? [to Rembrandt].
[Rembrandt walks away and looks around suspiciously]
Lizzie – Be right with you babe [to Vermin].
 [A Lizzie bolts the door shut]
 Lizzie – So you’re the famous Warriors, the guys that shot Cyrus.
 [The Lizzie kissing Cochise pulls a switchblade out]
 Rembrandt – Shit! the chicks are packed, the chicks are packed.
 [Various Lizzies try to shoot The Warriors]
 Vermin – Watch it!
 Lizzie – Shit!
 [Rembrandt get’s slashed with a knife and Vermin punches a Lizzie]
 Rembrandt – Ahhh, damn!
 [Cochise smashes a chair over one of the Lizzies and they all scramble towards the door]
 Vermin – Come on Rembrandt! Come on!
 [The Warriors smash through the door and escape]
 Lizzies – Oh shit!
Sure, I am totally off any blog related topic, but anytime the Lizzies can be brought into a conversation, why not at least try!

Today, I am writing about some lizards we saw in the bushes at the San Joaquin Wildlife Sanctuary in Irvine, CA.

In my last post, I wrote about the SWRS in Irvine, CA.  My snarky post whined about my inability to see any mountain lions.

Well, besides for see a pretty active blue herron and a few ducks, we did get to see a couple of lizards roaming around some brush.

So, while these Lizzies may not be packing switch-blades and tough-girl language, they were just as entertaining.

Who would have though a sub-plut to a 1979 cult film could be so smoothly intertwined with a discussion of some inner-city dwelling reptiles.

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